Pain’s Healing Secret is a self-help book on relieving pain.

  • with over 50 illustrations
  • introduces you to your energy system (see page 10) and
  • reveals an ancient method to relieve pain (see page 17)

Discover other secrets of Oriental doctors:

  • How to heal injuries rapidly (page 23)
  • How to reduce tension and fatigue (page 53)
  • How to regenerate energy and enrich vitality (page 98)
  • The secret of Dr. Kersten’s success (page 7)
  • How to boost the immune system (page 104)
  • A warning sign of disease (page 120)
  • A warning sign of death (page 165)
  • How to improve mental clarity (page 163)
  • How to remedy chronic disorders (page 67)
  • How to relieve headaches quickly (page 104)

You can learn to heal old injuries and reduce the time for healing new injuries by one-half or better. As unbelievable as it may sound, you can prove it yourself by using this book’s easy-to-follow instructions. Also, the appendix includes a new translation of an ancient medical classic’s thesis on yinyang and the cause of pain (pages 238–240).

“… valuable to both the beginner and the experienced practitioner. This book explains clearly the complex theory of Yin and Yang.” Dr. Richard Gold, author of Thai Massage

“Profound and unique approach to Oriental medicine. I highly recommend this.”  Wataru Ohashi, author of Do-It-Yourself Shiatsu