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I believe there is a better way to relieve pain than what is available with drugs. I have long taught acupressure massage for rejuvenation and pain relief. My students are taught the fascinating history of Chinese medicine and the ancient medical theories found in the Chinese medical classics. In 2001 I published Pain's Healing Secret, a self-help guide based on my thirty years of teaching acupressure. Since I started teaching the moxa stick 25 years ago, I have seen a growing interest in moxa therapy among acupuncturists and massage therapists. I am now teaching more moxa classes to massage therapists and writing a moxa manual for my students. While researching the historical development of moxibustion, I discovered some interesting writers, doctors, and teachers of the magnificent moxa stick in China, France, and America. It inspired me to write the story of how the moxa stick came to America in the revealing book Moxibustion for Pain Relief. Watch videos of moxa therapy and more at Learn more about acupressure, moxa therapy, or buy Pain's Healing Secret at

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